Enjoy our delicious coffee, grab a bite and share a few memories with us!


The "Why" of everything is what motivates us. It's what makes our heart beat so fast we feel like we're panicking or falling in love. It's what crushes doubts and the logical side of us that always needs to know "how".

Why our food is so good.

The Why at Wilder is because we believe that optimal health starts from the inside out. We believe that whole foods can also be soul foods. We believe in the science behind eating the rainbow, whole fats, and unrefined/unprocessed foods; that the energy of the food we eat directly translates into the energy we put into the world. 

Here, we don't use any refined sugars, have no hormones or antibiotics in any of our food, and everything is sourced as locally as possible. We want you to be your best self and we understand that starts with nutrition. We also understand that the world of nutrition is filled with different facts and figures and it's a whole job to decipher that - so no need to worry! We do it for you!

Every item on our menu is carefully crafted to be well balanced nutritionally as well as in flavour, fill you (but not until you're too full), and make you feel better after eating it than before. Plus, we make everything with love. Serious, full time love


Why "Wilder"

The name Wilder comes from the daughters of the owner. While crafting this passion project, Nat brought everything else she's passionate about on board. Her daughters came up with the name, her partner worked with her to design every inch of this space, and together their family built this cozy cafe. 

Nat's vision was a place people could get whole foods without compromising the enjoyment of food. A home base where people felt like people, not customers. A central point in the community, a second home.

We believe we've encompassed all of this in Wilder. And in the true fashion of the name, we can see ourselves sprawling across the Junction as we host events, support local artists, and make real food. 

So come by and become part of our wild family. Come laugh with us this holiday season, but also every season.

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