Enjoy our delicious coffee, grab a bite and share a few memories with us!


The "Why" of everything is what motivates us. It's what makes our heart beat so fast we feel like we're panicking or falling in love. It's what crushes doubts and the logical side of us that always needs to know "how".

Why our food is so good.

The Why at Wilder is because we believe that optimal health starts from the inside out. We believe that whole foods can also be soul foods. We believe in the science behind eating the rainbow, whole fats, and unrefined/unprocessed foods; that the energy of the food we eat directly translates into the energy we put into the world. 

Here, we don't use any refined sugars, have no hormones or antibiotics in any of our food, and everything is sourced as locally as possible. We want you to be your best self and we understand that starts with nutrition. We also understand that the world of nutrition is filled with different facts and figures and it's a whole job to decipher that - so no need to worry! We do it for you!

Every item on our menu is carefully crafted to be well balanced nutritionally as well as in flavour, fill you (but not until you're too full), and make you feel better after eating it than before. Plus, we make everything with love. Serious, full time love


Why "Wilder"

The name Wilder comes from the daughters of the owner. While crafting this passion project, Nat brought everything else she's passionate about on board. Her daughters came up with the name, her partner worked with her to design every inch of this space, and together their family built this cozy cafe. 

Nat's vision was a place people could get whole foods without compromising the enjoyment of food. A home base where people felt like people, not customers. A central point in the community, a second home.

We believe we've encompassed all of this in Wilder. And in the true fashion of the name, we can see ourselves sprawling across the Junction as we host events, support local artists, and make real food. 

So come by and become part of our wild family. Come laugh with us this holiday season, but also every season.


Celeriac, or otherwise known as celery root seems to be making it's way into mainstream cooking. 

With the accessibility to recipes and nutritional facts at the tip of our fingers and the click of a page on pinterest it's no wonder that all these "forgotten" foods are now making their way back into our diets. 

What is Celeriac?

Celeriac is the root of celery. It is pale in colour, and has a mild slightly bitter taste to it. It's a little ugly in it's bulbous form but don't let it's looks deter you from picking this up next time you're getting produce! This root is full of vitamins, minerals, fibre, and has countless recipes.


So what's so special about celeriac? Why do we use it in our cooking at Wilder?

  • kidney cleansing

  • immunity booster

  • healthy heart 

  • aids in digestion

  • high in iron

  • anti-cancer

  • anti-ageing

  • improves bone density

  • brain booster

  • can help you heal

  • reduces inflammation 

The list is long, and the benefits are seemingly endless. Eating whole, real foods will do you better than trying to find something in the supplement world. So head over to Wilder to enjoy some of our celeriac root soup and get the brain, digestion, and cleansing benefits that we all need during the holiday season. 



What an enticing name!

Golden Mylk is generally an alternative based milk that's been brewed with specific herbs. 

Our blend contains coconut milk, fresh turmeric, ginger, black pepper, maple syrup and cinnamon. The turmeric is what gives this beverage it's classic "gold" colour. It can be served hot or cold, and we do a "dirty golden" at Wilder which is golden mylk with a shot of espresso.

In flavour it is rich, deep, earthy, with a balance of sweetness from the maple syrup and coconut milk. This is a thick, warming beverage no matter the temperature.

Image from  The Fit Foodie

Image from The Fit Foodie

Some benefits of golden mylk are as follows:

  • boosts immunity
  • aids digestion
  • liver tonic
  • blood purifier
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-cancer

These are a few of the benefits of this tasty beverage! Come pick up a glass of it at Wilder to help get you through the flu season - especially if the cold is making you feel achey. 


As the new year approaches, we start to reflect on what the past year has brought us and how we can lighten our load but also smarten our approach.

The community has given us so much love, support, and positive feedback so that we can continue to grow into our fullest, wildest potential.

As we take in all that we've become, we're also taking a few days to spend with the people that we love most and have been there since Wilder was just a seed.

We will be closed December 24-26th, and December 31st - January 2nd.

We will also be closing early on Sunday, January 7th 2018 and all of the 8th and 9th for our staff party. 

Happy Holidays!


Wilder is teaming up with holistic nutritionist Carley Nadine to bring a workshop series on fermentation. 

There will be three workshops in the series. There is limited availability for these workshops.

KOMBUCHA / January 10th, 2018 / 630-8PM 

[in this workshop participants will receive a scoby, starter liquid, and brewing instructions. We'll be talking about the benefits and history of kombucha, gut health, and probiotics]

   SAUERKRAUT / January 24th, 2018 / 630-8PM

[in this workshop participants will be shredding cabbage and learning the process for making sauerkraut. All supplies will be provided and we will be discussing the history of sauerkraut, gut health, and probiotics]

FIRE TONIC + IMMUNITY ELIXIRS / February 7th, 2018 / 630-8PM

[in this workshop participants will be learning how to make fire tonic and other immunity elixirs, their benefits, when to use elixirs, and will be provided with all supplies and instructions]

Tickets are 55/ per workshop   OR   135/ package of three

If you are interested a specific kind of workshop or have a workshop you want to propose for the space please contact our events manager at forest@wilderfood.ca

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